Half Day Enduro Tours

This tour is suited to those on a tight schedule who just want to get in a few hours of dirt bike riding, or simply put, those who aren’t as fit as they once were.


Full Day Enduro Tours

Once our guides have seen how you ride and handle yourself, they will adapt the tour to suit your needs.


2 Day Enduro Tours

2 Days of action packed enduro riding on Pattaya Thailand’s awesome off road tracks and trails.


Ultimate Enduro – Guided Dirt Bike Riding Tours Pattaya Thailand.

Whether It’s Your First Time Riding,

or you just want to have a go or you’d like to get out and have some fun getting dirty, Ultimate Enduro has what you’re after. We cater for the xtreme rider or those who just want to have some fun and madness with their mates.

Our Honda CRF-250’s Have Been Modified

To suit all levels of riders. From suspension to tires, injection kits and more, our bikes are more than capable of handling any situation. We also have a KLX 150 with all of the modifications to suit someone who simply wants to ride a smaller bike.

½ Day Tour

This tour lasts approximately 3 hrs.

Full Day Tour

Ultimate Enduro’s full day tour is simply awesome.

Multi Day Tours

Ultimate Enduro’s multi day tours are simply awesome.

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